Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision is to help individuals and groups tap their highest potential for greater results.

Our mission is to build capacity by transferring knowledge and developing competencies.

We believe in a holistic leadership approach where our different level of needs and values are addressed:

  • to care for one’s own material needs
  • to ensure a sense of belonging to a community
  • to use authority where needed
  • to be aware of the norms shaping the context where we act
  • to strive for effectiveness and efficiency wherever useful
  • to respect human dignity
  • to think systemically
  • to act with the highest intent to contribute to address human challenges at a global level
  • to be aware of the cosmic dimension of life on Earth.

Our values are:

  • self-responsibility: I acknowledge that circumstances may condition my choices, I remain in charge to choose the best way forward
  • excellence: no matter what are my strengths and weaknesses, there is space for change and improvement
  • sustainability: I make life and economic choices that strive to respect future generations and the environment
  • compassion: I know my limits and therefore I can feel with you while leaving to you the responsibility to choose your next natural step
  • unity: I am you and you are me, when you are at peace with yourself and I am in at peace with myself, we are one