Create healtly habits


Habits are a very useful tools which create structure in our lives. We basically run life on auto-pilot. This is fine and helpful unless we are experiencing lasting dissatisfaction. When some habits are missing, poor or lead to excesses, they prevent us from blossoming to our true potential:

  • absence of time to exercise physically
  • abnormal sleeping patterns
  • too much time in one single activity (TV, sofa, e-games, others)
  • no routine for learning and growing through reading, training, attending cultural activities
  • lack of regular social contacts
  • addiction (food, alcohol, coffee, digital devices)

Examining your habits should be a high priority as it may be beneficial to drop some and introduce new ones. Changing life style cannot just be an act of willpower. We have only so much willpower and every temptation takes a good dose of our willpower. We may run out of willpower before a new healthy habit has been integrated into our lives.


How & what?

There are two dimensions to the work we do with you; on the one hand we accompany you in your exploration of the habits you consider unhealthy and in some of your possible addictions (food, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, digital) and on the other hand we help you find life hacks to nudge the introduction of new habits. We help you set small goals, set new positive triggers, identify fun and supportive life design elements, make it convenient, have all you need at hand to avoid finding excuses to abandonyour new good habit.


The work with habits is highly integral in that it supports our lives across the board and knows no boundaries. Both private and business clients can profit from it. One needs to be ready to take time to explore the root causes and be prepared to open up to new patterns. Once started, a feeling of breaking through often creates a boost of energy and a new drive to realize our most motivating dreams and attain our most demanding goals.