Green smoothies

Green smoothiesHow it all started

Friends come to our place for diner. It was in 2012. We serve a soup made of vegetables which was just green like a Granny Smith apple.

The little girl says ‘urgh, I do not want to eat this!’. We were a little embarrassed as we had only planned soup and bread as per agreement with our friends, her parents.

At once come to us the idea to explain to the little girl: ‘Listen, you know, if you eat this soup you will get to know the taste of the sun.’ The little gets curious and ask ‘Why should a soup taste like the sun?’. We explain ‘You know, the sun produces light which helps producing chlorophyll and this what makes leaves, vegetables or plants be green. So when you need green you eat a little bit of sun’. Convinced of this explanation, not only did she eat 3 times of it but it brought us to wonderful side insight.

Enriched by this experience, we went on playing with the idea of ‘Sun diet’ which brought us in contact with a whole range of new possibilities. Among them, we discovered the world of green smoothies with the work of Victoria Boutenko. This has now become part of our daily routine and also part of our coaching offer.

Why green smoothies?

The green of vegetables leaves contains unique quantities of proteins. minerals and vitamins. Broken through the use of a powerful mixer (we use Vitamix), the nutrients of the green are better digested and integrated on the digestive tracks. After a few days one notice all sorts of improvements, physical, emotional and mental.

We are not prescribing to drink green smoothies of course yet we are happy to share our experience and help you experience what drinking green smoothies can bring you.