Project self-assessment

Reasonable efforts for significant additional impact

Tap into 15 years of international benchmarking results combined
with proven valuable project management standards.


Managing risks is often time the A and Z of project. There is much more to it than risks: leadership, people, the environment. We at MindShift help you self-assess your project with a 360 degree view.

Building on 15 years of experience of assessing the best projects in the world for the IPMA Project Excellence Award, we offer support to evaluate your project from 20 different angles in order to receive feedback on:

  • all critical success factors
  • leadership and people management
  • project governance performance

How & What?

We introduce project managers to evaluating their project step by step with a method called PEP = Project Excellence Preparation (based on IPMA PEB) in order to enable direct improvement activities to most critical areas. PEP is conducted in three steps: priority areas 1 (Step 1), priority areas 2 (Step 2), and remaining areas (Step 3).

We may also introduce project sponsors and steering group members to analyse their project governance step by step with a method called PGP = Project Governance Preparation (based on IPMA OCB) in order to enable and direct improvement activities to most critical area.

Who can profit from these services?

Project managers, sub-project managers and project team members who wants to understand where they stand in comparison with international benchmarks, and who has the ambition to systematically improve their project outcome even further through the systematic application of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

Project sponsors and steering group members, and other project leaders who want to ensure that their project governance is optimally supporting project success, and to lead by example by acting as role models for project excellence