Release your stress


Stress per se is neither good nor bad. Our systems can handle stress. The challenge is when it becomes continuous and repeated on a prolonged basis, we may experience a sense of being overwhelmed.

Do you face symptoms like:

  • sleeping problems
  • restlessness
  • lack of motivation
  • lack of concentration
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • irritability or anger
  • loss of patience
  • emotional outburst
  • back pain or headache
  • sadness and lack of perspective?

You maybe experiencing the negative effect of excessive stress in your life.

Learning to acknowledge, recognize and pose an intervention to change the rhythm in our lives is not only a good thing to do but a must do. We need space to release stress and simply let go of worries: physical, emotional, mental and beyond. This helps us regain a sense of direction and stimulates our creativity and capacity to live a fulfilled life.


When all goes well, we generally do not really question things. When we start to get tired, irritable and possibly sick or burnt out, we start to see a number of dysfunctions. Searching for help and taking distance are key to re-establishing a sense of coherence and direction. We integrate mindfulness and physical activities into this program following a discussion with you to establish a supportive plan.


Our approach to stress management builds on different tools, which aim at reintroducing a space to breathe and regain your ability to see that you have options. You develop a sense of having choice again. This creates the conditions for health and harmony in your life.


Private and business people alike deal with stress. Life conditions change all the time and one may be up to the challenge during one period and not during another. It says nothing about you but simply highlights your need to up-date your coping mechanisms. A third person, like a coach, is often needed to help you rebuild perspective.