PM mastery beyond training


When you have reached a certain level of seniority as project manager it might be difficult to find any standard trainings that is really adapted to your specific needs and situation. You may have already successfully passed an IPMA level B or A certification. You come to a point you are looking for a new professional target with an ambition of going beyond traditional standards of excellence.


How & what?

A normal coaching scope would be to focus on a few selected “people” competences including e.g. leadership, people management and teamwork to identify main strengths and areas for improvement related to your current or previous projects.

Our offer is helping you look in depth into your own practice and guide you to acquire new insights why certain interventions were successful or not. The main purpose is to determine a number of improvement actions that can be gradually tested and implemented during the process. We combine our wealth of project management insight with a deep mastery of personal development supporting by a seasoned approach of coaching.


Any individual senior project manager or manager involved in project activities (project sponsor, project steering group member, PMO staff etc.) who is looking for constructive feedback on leadership and people management to proactively improve on their current job, or preparing for the next career move.