Building bridges

Building bridges

When my wife, Valérie Saintot, presented different options for the design a logo for Mindshift I was first attracted by visuals representing a spiral and movement but couldn’t decide in favour of a particular design. However, once she brought forward the powerful visual with two persons connected by a bridge being built from two ends and joining together in the middle I instantly felt that this was it! Afterwards I could no longer mobilize energy to consider any other option, because I felt so strongly that this new logo intuitively expressed what Mindshift stands for.

In Mindshift logo, the two persons in blue and turquoise are represented in a way that anybody can relate to them regardless of gender, origin, faith or any other distinction. We are all human citizens with our home on this magnificent blue planet called the Earth and the human adventure is about building bridges.

The bridges we offer to build with you

  • A bridge between coach and client

Establish a trusting, supportive and positively encouraging environment, where the client is open and willing to explore new perspectives, guided by the coach into new territories for the purpose of learning and personal development.

  • A bridge between higher and lower needs

According to the Maslow pyramid of needs we need to take care of our most basic and short-term needs first in order to gradually reach to long-term needs such as self-actualisation, and maybe in some cases even transformation. The process aims at securing the basic needs first, which may include also elements of “performance coaching” to reach a specific objective, but always aims at bringing the client as far as possible through “development coaching” enabling the client to build new long-term competencies for self generation.

  • A bridge between our consciousness and sub-consciousness

To make conscious choices in our life, and not just acting from the autopilot mode, it is necessary to first make a bridge to our sub-consciousness becoming aware of limiting beliefs and default programs that have so far been at times determining our life.

  • A bridge between yin and yang

The contrasting dark and light blue colours in the Mindshift logo represent for me the opposite polarities of yin and yang. The polarities are complementary, and each contain an element of its opposite. The same applies also for the sun and shadow sides of our personalities. In many cases a major challenge is to first befriend our own shadows. Normally it’s much easier to spot the shadows in other persons.

  • A dialogue between present and future self

The main aim of every coaching intervention is to enable the client to move away from an undesired present state to a desired future state. As sometimes the present state may be stuck in a limited perspective of the future the Mindshift persons could also symbolise the dialogue between the future and present self.

  • A bridge between self-confidence and self esteem

Often clients mix up the two similar but distinctly different concepts of self-esteem and self-confidence. Self-esteem refers to how much esteem, positive regard or self-love we have, and develops from experiences and situations that have shaped how we view ourselves today. Self-confidence is how we feel about our abilities and can vary from situation to situation. I may have healthy self-esteem, but low confidence about certain situations. I may be self confident in certain specific situations, but lack healthy self esteem to love myself and may have a feeling that I am not good enough in most areas of my life. People with low self-esteem often fail to recognise that they could be loved for what they are, and not just for what they perform.