Remove blockages


When we face an urge to change habits or mindset, we often go through a vicious cycle:

  • we experience a saturation
  • we motivate ourselves to ‘try’ to change
  • next Monday we ‘try’
  • it lasts a while
  • then we hit a stumbling block
  • frustration grows
  • a sense of failure appears and we are back on track of our good old way

We are not always aware of the beliefs and coping strategies that steers our lives. They were helpful at some point but later become outdated yet still active and create unconscious blockages.

For instance, you used to have little money so you would save a lot. Then comes the day you create your own company and you need to invest in advertisement. But your fear of not having enough money pushesyou to save rather than to invest. This healthy strategy has become outdated and a blocking factor to your new circumstances.

It is important to be aware of which beliefs and strategies sub-consciously govern our lives so we can decide to confirm or change them.


The process of the coaching around blockages and beliefs uses several tools to create new empowerment towards your goal. Beliefs need to be retrieved, at times flipped and ultimately new alignment between conflicting beliefs resolved. Through such a process, one regains distance and freedom of choice so the goal set becomes achievable.


The coaching sessions can be face-to-face and/or online. The number of sessions depends onthe degree of awareness about the possible source of the blockage. Some people are fully aware and need support to examine the sources. Others are more remotely aware and possibly more groundwork is needed to get at the beliefs. One can say that it helps you to see your shadow as your coaching maps become your mirror.


Individuals. It is often used for personal development. It is also effective for business-oriented clients.