Receive emergency support


You are feeling overwhelmed, helpless or anxious. You have hard time defining what you need to help yourself out of this stuck state. It is good to ask for help from somebody who will listen and free to give you feedback on what you say. This may lead you to consult a medical professional, a psychotherapist, or choose a coaching format that best suits your needs. It may be that you simply take a step back and learn to manage stress,regaining your ability to drive your life without major intervention and crisis. We often tend to let thing get to some deep point when an early intervention could have saved us from a negative spiral which can become hard to break.

How & what?

In one or a few sessions, you can find help to better manage  your mind and heart. We offer a coaching format which entails a non-judgmental listening to what you say and helps you devise a plan appropriate to your needs. Continuing a courseof coaching with us is only one of many avenues that you may define for yourself. Emergency coaching is just a compass to give a frame to what is going on and decide for yourself who can help you next and how. One session of 90 minutes may suffice to get sufficient perspective to empower yourself to take useful action.


A state of temporary paralysis and life numbness may be triggered by small or big life events. Men and women are equally affected. Private and professional triggers may release such emergencies. Seek an early intervention in order to avoid a lasting negative spiral.