Prepare a business plan


You are launching your business or taking a new direction; where should you start? How should you spell out the basics of your plan? Building on our own experience and the well-known book ‘Business Model You’, we have developed a coaching process to support you. It matters that you become articulate about your project so you can convince partners and stakeholders as early as possible that they should work with you.

How & what?

We have two formats: a compact one (business model coaching process) and a deeper one (coaching for business process).

The first one, business model coaching process, helps you define your partners, financers, and customers. You have an articulate, unique value proposition and a basic overview of the costs you need to cover and possible plan for your revenues. This is a concrete first step in helping you formulate your vision.

The second one, coaching process for business, builds on business model coaching process and adds project management and implementation via action planning to it.


Self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, and employees with leadership responsibilities are obvious target groups. Groups, associations, and small businesses find it a very useful and economical approach to strategy definition.